What We’re Reading 10/28/16

What We’re Reading is where we share articles gathered from all over that impact us in one way or another.

Welcome to What We’re Reading. This is where we share articles and other media that have impacted our contributors.  If you’ve read a great article that is worth sharing, send it over to Aaron


A new climbing gym is coming to Tulsa!

Some Tulsa-area schools are getting buddy benches for kids looking for a friend.


Are you struggling with a project or looking for motivation? This article on John Steinbeck’s journal as he wrote Grapes of Wrath is exceptional and helpful.

This is homecoming weekend at OSU and we vividly remember the pain and heartbreak from last year’s homecoming. This story about the youngest victim, Nash, and his family is a difficult yet beautiful read.

Have a kid that plays Minecraft? This article will teach you how to play it with your kids.


Struggle with anxiety? This article from Relevant Magazine bring a good perspective on anxiety and faith.

This is our kind of Christian election guide. It’s short and true.

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