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It was March of 2017 when my dear friend, Gary, lost his son… [...]




  • The 918 Podcast – Episode 4

    Dr. Riley shares the challenges of leading a Tulsa public school during this difficult time in our state’s economy. She talks about how Eugene Field is a Community School, and the difference that all of these partnerships make in providing a great education for our city's elementary students. [...]


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  • A Little Boy’s Heart

    August 29, 2018 // 6 Comments

    And as I sat in Cheever’s Cafe, listening to this precious story from the man who has captured my heart, I realized again why he is so special. His heart is enormous. His kindness is constant, and his willingness to serve others and do all he can to make someone’s life better was so evident as I watched his eyes tell the story of his daily walk past Cheever’s, flowers in hand to make his Mama smile. [...]

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