The 918 Podcast – Episode 2

For Episode 2 of The 918 Podcast, we sat down with Ashley Philippsen, Program Director of Lead North. Lead North is a local initiative that “is dedicated to bringing leaders from all levels together to gain the knowledge, sills, and network necessary to take meaningful action in the north Tulsa community.”

Ashley tells us about the meaningful difference that Lead North is making both through vital conversations and through the initiatives that Lead North team members have completed. One of the initiatives is an app about the Tulsa Race Riot. To find out more about the app visit the Tulsa Historical Society website.

Aaron and Ashley sat down at Antoinette’s Baking Company and enjoyed some lovely desserts as they talked about Lead North, her commitment to education and social justice, and her heart-breaking story of her uncle.

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The sponsor for The 918 Podcast is First United Methodist Church, where your story matters and God’s story is shared.

Special thanks to Geoff Logan for writing our 918 theme music, and Aaron Leatherbarrow for serving as host and producer for each episode.

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