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The918.org is a community of contributors sharing resources about Tulsa, life, and faith.

The mission of the918.org is to be radically helpful to all people who call the Tulsa area their home. It is a faith-based endeavor that hopes to share good news about their community, their relationships, and the God who loves them.


It’s where we live.  It’s where we love.  It’s the place we call home.  And we want to give you the best that Tulsa has to offer.  From the Top 5 Splash pads in Tulsa to our Favorite Date Night Locations or even 8 Things You Need to Know about the Tulsa Race Riots, we want to help you better know and love your town.


People are hurting. Marriages are in trouble. Parents are struggling. Work is overwhelming. And evil seems to pop up all around us. We want to be a place you can turn for help. We’ve written about healthy recipes, finding financial freedom, and dealing with work/family balance.


Our faith informs how we see Tulsa and the world. We want to help people live and experience a practical faith in Christ. From our articles about suffering and faith to what to do when Christmas disappoints or how one family’s faith influenced their decision to enter foster care.

My Journey

One of the best gifts that we can offer one another is our story. Here at the918.org we share stories so that your story might be transformed. Check out the My Journey tab for stories about things like miscarriage, being laid off, and adoption.


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The918.org is an endeavor of First United Methodist Church of Tulsa.