The 918 Podcast – Episode 1

For the first episode of The 918 Podcast, we sat down with Jeff Jaynes, Executive Director of Restore Hope Ministries, a local non-profit that fights poverty in Tulsa every day. As you will hear in the podcast, they do extraordinary work in homeless prevention, food distribution, and in providing hope to the community.

Jeff also serves as the chair of Zero:2016, a collaborative Tulsa agency seeking to end homelessness in Tulsa in 2016. Check out the progress they’ve made on their website.

During the interview, Jeff and Aaron enjoyed coffee at Foolish Things Coffee Company and we encourage you to visit them at 1001 S Main Street in downtown Tulsa.

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The sponsor for The 918 Podcast is First United Methodist Church, where your story matters and God’s story is shared.

Special thanks to Geoff Logan for writing our 918 theme music, and Aaron Leatherbarrow for serving as host and producer for each episode.

Be sure to share the podcast with your friends and let us know who you’d like to hear from in future 918 Podcasts.

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