9-18 Favorite Patio Restaurants

There are few things I enjoy more than sitting outside, enjoying good food, a glass of wine, and great conversation.

by Carol Sokolsky

There are few things I enjoy more than sitting outside, enjoying good food, a glass of wine, and great conversation. Yes, it’s late spring in Tulsa and everyone is looking for a good restaurant with a fabulous patio! These are my favorite places to hang around with family and great friends!

  1. East Village Bohemian Pizzeria is my favorite patio. It’s a charming restaurant with fabulous pizza, starters and desserts. Incredible gluten free pizza and drinks. I’d consider this an intimate wine bar, too. 818 E. 3rd St.
  2. Napa Flats is my newest favorite for girlfriend time! Incredible wine flights and perfect appetizers … all that is needed as you sit by the river and enjoy the views. Gorgeous. 9912 Riverside Parkway.
  3. Cafe Ole, year round patio, at the Consortium. Personally, the best margaritas in Tulsa! 3509 S. Peoria Ave.
  4. Rusty Crane, across the street from ONEOK Field, is a place I could just settle in and write — or talk — for hours. 109 N. Detroit Ave.
  5. El Guapo’s Rooftop is Tulsa’s only rooftop cantina with gorgeous views of downtown Tulsa. So.much.fun! 332 E. 1st Street.
  6. Zanmai, Tulsa’s newest Japanese steakhouse, hibachi, sushi and bar offering breathtaking sunsets and views of downtown Tulsa. 1402 S. Peoria Ave.

Not all are just restaurants….Tapas Bars and outside space make for a wonderful evening under the stars, or a fabulous morning and afternoon in the sun!

  1. Girouard Vines is a favorite wine bar with fabulous outdoor, backyard feel. 817 E. 3rd St.
  2. The Penthouse Rooftop Bar Top at the Mayo Hotel features the best views in Tulsa! 115 West 5th Street
  3. 1740 Vintage offers intimate, vintage decor, a wonderful outdoor patio, wine flights and boutique wines and cocktails. Perfect place to end a perfect evening. Perfect. 1740 S. Boston.
  4. The Coffee Shop on Cherry Street, or CHOCS, as it is known on social media, offers not only the BEST Gluten free pastry treats in Tulsa, but also fabulous coffee and specialty drinks, and a patio that invites lingering by the fireplace in cold months. 1502 E. 15th Street

If you are wondering where to go this weekend…or tonight…or tomorrow afternoon, please give one of these fine places a try. I can promise you will not be disappointed!

Carol Sokolsky loves to spend time with family and friends under the stars, enjoying good wine, good food, and wonderful conversation. In 18 months since moving to Tulsa, she’s found several very special places, all on her 9-18 list, and invites each of you to find out why they have also captured her 9-18 list of top retirement joys!

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