What we’re reading…06/05/15

Essentially, it is a list of posts that we wish we had written…

Each Friday, we’ll post “What we’re reading.” Essentially, it is a list of posts that we wish we had written or we feel add to the overall conversation about Tulsa, Life, and Faith. If you have an article that you want us to consider, email our lead contributor, Aaron Tiger (aarontiger@fumctulsa.org).


Summer Kids Movies: The Tulsa World has provided a great list of free and reduced-price movies throughout Tulsa. [ more ]

South Tulsa Community House: This past weekend, the South Tulsa Community House celebrated their new location at 5780 S. Peoria Ave. This open-house was part of the TYPROS StreetCred Event that sought to bring attention to the 61st and Peoria area. [ more ]

Enormity and Image: After seeing such an interest in our post on the Tulsa Race Riots, we wanted to make sure you saw this piece filled with images from This Land Press. [ more ]

Homelessness in Tulsa Targeted For Elimination: It’s a great goal for our community to eliminate homelessness by 2016. [ more ]


5 Qualities of People Who Use Time Wisely: We really enjoyed this piece from John Maxwell on using time wisely. [ more ]

Our day-old daughter just turned 2: Kyle Porter wrote this heart-wrenching and beautiful post about adoption a couple of weeks back.   “We found out later in the summer that our foster daughter would actually be staying with us a while longer for various reasons. This was the most emotional time for me. I’m not sure why but a sense of joy (that we would keep her) melded with a pain for her parents (that wouldn’t get her back) and produced some of the most gut-wrenching moments of her stint as a foster child with us.” [ more ]

The Only Six Words Parents Need to Say to Their Kids About Sports Or Any Performance: This incredible piece by the Fuller Institute is a must read for parents whose kids do any extracurricular activities. [ more ]


I Will Call You Loved: Lots has been written about Jenner and the transgender transformation this week. We really appreciated this piece that is written to Christians about how we respond to our culture around us. No matter where you stand on this topic, we encourage you to read it all the way through.  [ more ]

20 Truths from A Field Guild to Everyday Mission: Practical, short, and helpful piece about how to live out your faith. [ more ]

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  1. I love this. Thank you for taking the time to collect these articles.

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