What we’re reading…07/17/15

Essentially, it is a list of posts that we wish we had written

Each Friday, we post “What we’re reading.” Essentially, it is a list of posts that we wish we had written or we feel add to the overall conversation about Tulsa, Life, and Faith. If you have an article that you want us to consider, email our lead contributor, Aaron Tiger (aarontiger@fumctulsa.org).


The 12 Things We Miss Most About TulsaIt’s time to throwback and see some things that were important to Tulsa “back in the day.”

McClure Elementary School Faculty Restart – This is a heart-breaking story about a local school. If education is the primary way out of poverty, then we, as a community, need to come alongside our local schools.

Downtown Tulsa Business Development Good For Historic Churches – The918.org is an extension of FUMC Tulsa, and we’re glad to be part of the fabric of downtown Tulsa.  We look forward to being a continual part of the rejuvenation of our city.


Pack Your BagsTremendous parenting article from a mom whose son just moved away after graduating from college and is entering the “real world.”  A great word for parents of all ages about the goal of raising a child.

The Science of Inside Out – If you’ve watched the movie, Inside Out, then this is a neat little behind the scenes article about the science of the movie.


5 Keys to Ministering in a Post-Christian Context – We live in a post-Christian America, and while this article uses some seminary words, we think it is important for Christians to think about how our neighborhoods have changed, and that means that the way we share our faith with others will need to change as well.

First United Methodist Church – Our sponsoring church has a new website, and we would love your feedback!

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