3 Steps to Finishing Your Summer To-Do List

by Barron Ryan

Uh oh, it’s already the end of July and your summer to-do list isn’t even close to being done. Cleaning out the garage is so unappealing when you could go swimming, take a day trip, or just relax in the wonder of air conditioning. How will you complete those necessary but dreadful chores? Here are three steps to help you out.

#1 Break It Down

Complex tasks (like having a yard sale) can be daunting because they seem like too much work to handle at once. So break them down into smaller parts that you can finish within an hour or so (like “sort the hall closet” or “price the CDs”). This way you’ll be more likely to get started in the first place.

#2 Schedule It

timeDon’t wait around for a convenient time to do unpleasant things, because it will never come. Schedule your chores so that you know when you’ll have to get your hands dirty (literally or otherwise). It’s okay if you schedule tasks far in advance, as long as you get them done when the appointed time comes.


It’s a lot easier to start tasks on your to-do list if you give yourself permission to stop. Know how long you’re going to work, then move on. You can schedule more time if you need to, but there’s more to life than finishing what’s on our lists.

Barron Ryan knows a thing or two about getting stuff done. He’s a professional pianist who practices many hours each day, blogs at BarronRyan.com, and successfully checked writing this article off his summer to-do list.

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