What we’re reading…08/28/15

Essentially, it is a list of posts that we wish we had written…

Each Friday, we post “What we’re reading.” Essentially, it is a list of posts that we wish we had written or we feel add to the overall conversation about Tulsa, Life, and Faith. If you have an article that you want us to consider, email our lead contributor, Aaron Tiger (aarontiger@fumctulsa.org).


Keep up-to-date on all the downtown Tulsa projects that are happening.

This Tulsa World piece on people living in food deserts is important work. Give it a read and see how you can help.


This research-based article gives some reasons why screen time should be reduced with children. It’s a good, quick read.

We love this article about 6 simple things that happy families have in common. Some you can probably guess, but a couple of them might surprise you.


This profile of Jim Gaffigan and his faith is a great read, especially as his show gets started.

If you have ever wondered what the differences are between some of the major schools of thoughts of Christianity (Calvinism vs. Arminianism), check this out! If you have never wondered about this, go ahead and read it anyway, you might learn something!

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