What we’re reading…09/11/15

Essentially, it is a list of posts that we wish we had written

Each Friday, we post “What we’re reading.” Essentially, it is a list of posts that we wish we had written or we feel add to the overall conversation about Tulsa, Life, and Faith. If you have an article that you want us to consider, email our lead contributor, Aaron Tiger (aarontiger@fumctulsa.org).


There are lots of changes happening downtown, and we are curious to see what this downtown transit hub will look like!

We have been following the story of Iron Gate Ministries potentially moving to the Pearl District, but that has now been officially stopped. We hope they find a place to be able to continue and build the great ministry they have been doing.


This week at First Methodist Church in Tulsa, one of our contributors will be preaching on relationships. He will be using a couple of these resources that you can check out including this article on the Myth of Quality Time and this Ted Talk on Vulnerability.

Four Productivity Tips from Google.  We think they have some good wisdom to share.


We really appreciate this piece about about Personal and Organizational Momentum and think it can be very helpful to each of us as to how we spend our time and energy.

We thought this was a great piece to give some practical and faith-oriented advice as to what we can do to help with the current refugee crisis.

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