Finding Financial Freedom

Kevin and I were 100% debt free at 31. How did we do it?

by Amy King

Kevin and I were 100% debt free at 31. How did we do it?

Obtaining financial freedom is similar to everything else in life.  It takes a lot of work!  If someone wants to be physically healthy than they need to exercise, read informative articles, and fix healthy food.  Proper health is an ongoing process; what worked a year ago may not work today.  Finances are similar.  Ask anyone who is financially astute and I guarantee they study it, read about it, and practice sound financial principles with their money.  If finances are the number one reason for stress related problems in America (divorce, depression, conflict) why don’t people put forth more effort in this critical area of life?

If people could learn even one or two sound financial principles, the long term benefit could be highly rewarding. Kevin and I have strived to live by the lessons from Financial Peace University as far back as teenagers. Utilizing basic monetary techniques, we were 100% debt free at 31 which has helped us avoid the financial duress that so many young couples endure on a daily basis.  I am perplexed at all the older people we know that have advanced college degrees, work crushingly long hours, and yet remain mired in debt and stress.  I think most people correlate increased salary with financial freedom.  There is a common misconception that higher wages means an increase in savings which leads to stress free financial life.  Unfortunately, in most cases more money translates into a greater lifestyle coupled with higher consumption.  The American standard says, “See it, like it, and buy it”.  You must incorporate proven money management methods to reach a place of financial peace.

The topic of money management is really important.  It is biblical to be wise with your money!  Owe no one anything but love.  Money is referenced more in the Bible than any other topic.  Shouldn’t we learn what God has to say about this topic and be good financial stewards?

Where do you go to learn sound financial principles? Kevin and I studied money management a lot when we were really young. We practiced saving, delayed gratification, and proper money management principles that led to financial freedom. Our parents taught us so much about sound financial principles. Many people have a financial advisor that they can trust to help them. But one of the best resources that we have found is Financial Peace, a 9 week course taught by Dave Ramsey.

This January, First United Methodist Church of Tulsa, and others (click here to see where courses are offered) will be offering this class. One of our favorite sayings is, “We will live today like others won’t so that we can live the rest of our life like others can’t.” We are reaping the benefits of early adoption of these principles. FUMC wants to give the gift of financial education to others.  Why not make the commitment to see how God can work in this area of your life?   

There will be great material along with highly qualified instructors to facilitate the course.  The church has carved out valuable time and resources to help everyone make strides in the key area of financial management.  One last thing, Financial Peace is for everyone!  If someone is already a great money manager then we need you for small group discussion. Please come and share what you have done in your life so others can learn and ask questions.  Give your gift of experience!  If you don’t attend FUMC, no problem!  This is good, Christian-based stuff with powerful and practical information that is beneficial to everyone regardless of their beliefs!

Kevin and Amy King were born and raised in Tulsa and attended TU. Kevin is a financial advisor, and Amy is a homemaker with 3 children. They have attended FUMC Tulsa for over 10 years and love how the church continually looks outside itself do continue God’s good work.  They are also very active with GRACES Mission in the Guatemala school, Escuela Integrada. Ask them about the reality show on which they were once featured.

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