What We’re Reading…01/29/16

“What We’re Reading” is where we share articles and posts that have impacted our contributors in one way or another.  If you’ve read a great article that is worth sharing, send it over to Aaron.


We may have a warm weekend in the forecast, but this article from Tulsa Kids has a great list of places to play and stay warm in Tulsa.

Learn about some of the shifts in Blue Dome District restaurants from this article by Tulsa Food.


Here’s an incredible article from a mom about her response when her child threw a tantrum and broke a mirror.

This year marked the 15th anniversary of the OSU plane crash that took the lives of 10 people. This article, written two weeks after that event, is an incredible piece of concise storytelling, and his ending line is remarkable.

This longread on a woman dealing with her grief in a digital age is a painful, yet enlightening, read.


This week at First United Methodist Church, we are preaching on the benefit and holiness of having margin in your life. Read this article on 7 signs that you’re way too busy to see if they describe you. You are invited to join us for worship to hear about a different way to live.

If you are looking for a daily devotion, seedbed.com has a great one with a daily text. This devotion by JD Walt from Wednesday was incredible and worth your five minutes.

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