What We’re Reading…02/19/16

“What We’re Reading” is where we share articles and posts that have impacted our contributors in one way or another.  If you’ve read a great article that is worth sharing, send it over to Aaron.


Great to see the renovations in the Blue Dome continue with the Ross Group.

Here’s a nice little post-Valentine’s Day story about how Topeca Coffee helped three couples fall in love.


One of our contributors recommended this article. It tells the story of a man who has used only three tanks of gas in the first 45 days of the year. Read about their approach to neighborhood-based living.

Some of our mom friends have posted this article, and we think a lot of parents should read it. “It is our job to walk beside or behind them in these struggles.It is not our job to go before them.We have to raise them to NOT need us. We have to raise them to leave us.”

This is a tough read. Poverty is complicated, and each situation is unique. The story of this working mom is heart-breaking on many levels.


Thought-provoking list of sins here. And don’t just read the list, but read the explanations as the author makes some great points.

One of the best articles you’ll read this year from a 35 year-old with stage 4 stomach cancer.

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