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Our Editor-in-Chief, Aaron Tiger, sits down with people whose organizations are making a difference in Tulsa.

The918 is about to launch a new venture, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Today we start with a brief preview episode (below). Season one of the918 Podcast will feature interviews with four people who are making a difference in Tulsa:

  • Rev. Jeff Jaynes, Executive Director of Restore Hope, an urban ministry in Tulsa
  • Ashley Philippsen, Program Director of Lead North, a North Tulsa leadership network
  • Dustin Curzon, Executive Director of 36° North, a co-working space for entrepreneurs
  • Dr. Sheila Riley, Principal of Eugene Field Elementary in West Tulsa

Our Editor-in-Chief, Aaron Tiger, sat down with each of them to talk about how their organizations are making a difference in Tulsa and to hear a bit of their personal stories. Make sure you stick around to hear them answer the rapid fire questions at the end of each episode.

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Special thanks to Geoff Logan for writing our 918 theme music, and Aaron Leatherbarrow for serving as host and producer for each episode.

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