Tulsa-Area Disc Golf Courses

Whether you’ve been playing for years or are just looking for something to do outside on a Saturday morning, the varied landscapes will provide you with the perfect adventure.

by Lee Carter

We’ve had great weather in Tulsa this spring, and that means more time spent outside. The 918 is home to many great disc golf courses. Whether you’ve been playing for years or are just looking for something to do outside on a Saturday morning, the varied landscapes will provide you with the perfect adventure.  New contributor, Lee Carter, shares photos and brief descriptions of some of the area courses below.

Chandler Park

chandler park

Chandler is the most popular course in Tulsa. It’s easy and fun. Concrete tees. Several holes you could easily “ace” or “birdie.” It’s my favorite course to play. Make that courses! Chandler has two disc golf courses: Bear’s Lair and Moose Run (or simply, “Bear” and “Moose.”) It also hosts several notable tournaments each year, chief among them: the Icebowl (which brings in donations for the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma.)



Reed is a quick one at just nine baskets. It’s a great place to work on your short game and a fun stop if you’re pressed for time.



This park has been too soggy to play every time I’ve tried. Muddy, mosquitoes, Mohawk. That’s been my experience.  Apparently, it houses two fantastic courses though: Redhawk and Blackhawk. The Pro Disc Golf Association (PDGA) has hosted tournament play here, and its proximity to other adventures is perfect. Go hit the Tulsa Zoo, then get in a round of disc golf, and check out the Oxley Nature Preserve to make a day of it.



This course is the closest to my house, so I’ve played it almost as frequently as Chandler. I can walk out my front door and be playing disc golf inside of 2 minutes. Riverside is a great course offering its own unique challenges, the biggest being: it’s BUSY! On one side you have the running trail-patience is a virtue during busier times. You do not want to hit cyclists or joggers. Do yell “FORE!” if you even come close. On the other side of you is Riverside Drive! There are several goals near the street. Best advice: wait for a lull in traffic before driving. Discs often wind up in the street, and there are no points for hitting cars or motorcycles.


Hunter Park

Hunter Park is an adventure in three parts! The first three holes are in the woods. In the warmer months, a botched drive will have you hunting for your disc in the foliage. After clearing the woods, your next challenge is the creek that winds through Hunter Park. Make sure you bring a disc catcher in case your frisbee goes in the creek. I used to bring a telescoping pool net to fish for my frisbees. My stepson has the best strategy for this part of the course though. He uses a disc called The Dragon, which floats. The last third of this course opens up into long drives and rolling hills. The big challenge on this portion of the course is the Oklahoma wind. I’ve seen friends have their discs land behind them due to a stiff breeze.



Just off Route 66 on the east side and a stone’s throw away from McClure, this course has one of the longest drives in Tulsa (682 feet). This shot though is a photo of my favorite “launch pad” in Tulsa. With trees arching over the tee, your drive looks like you’re launching your disc from the drawbridge of a castle. Epic!



McClure is a favorite among some of my friends. I haven’t played it as often just because it usually looks busy and I like a course where I don’t have to wait at each tee. It’s spacious enough, is praised for having a variety of shots, and I’d wager, rivals Chandler in popularity.

Haikey Creek


Long drives through pecan trees. It’s a beautiful course to play and it’s peaceful, usually not too crowded. It’s been the perfect course to teach my kids disc golf.

Have you been to one of Tulsa’s many disc golf courses?  Is there a hidden gem others need to know about? Let us know in the comments!

Lee Carter moved to Tulsa in 2006 and has worked as a news photographer for several local tv stations. He is married with three children and loves discgolf, bad puns, and pro wrestling.

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