What We’re Reading 10/7/2016

Welcome to What We’re Reading. This is where we share articles and other media that have impacted our contributors in one way or another.  If you’ve read a great article that is worth sharing, send it over to Aaron.


Do you know what is not funny? Creepy Clowns. Please just stop it.

Meet the new director of The Gathering Place for Tulsa.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then these pictures are worth even more. This picture essay of a rescue vessel off the Libyan Coast is heartbreaking, horrendous, and impactful.

How to raise kinder, less entitled kids according to science. The headline alone attracted us.


“In a comprehensive study of relational dynamics in more than 300 families spanning 35 years, family warmth was more correlated with faith transmission than any other relational factor.” This article is so rich for families.

This piece by our contributor on the Enneagram and spiritual development is really helpful. Wondering how your personality type affects your spiritual life? Peter has a great overview.


You may not care about the Cubs, but some of us do! So as long as the Cubs are in the playoffs, we will post somethings you should read about the Cubs. Here is an article about the should-be-Cy-Young Award Winner Kyle Hendricks. Also here is a great article about how Theo Epstein built the Cubs.


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