8 Things to Know About Cubs Fans this October

by Aaron Tiger

As a Cubs fan since the age of seven, I can tell you that this October is filled with the biggest rush of emotions, thoughts, and feelings. If you are someone who loves or interacts with die-hard Cubs fans this month, here are eight things you need to know about them.

  1. They are tired. The games are long and it’s hard to go to sleep immediately after a game because they’re so hyped, especially if the games are anything like the last two. Encourage them to nap or buy them a coffee.
  2. They are anxious. This is literally the best chance the Cubs have had to win a World Series since at least 1945. This looms over them every day.  Be patient with them.
  3. They are simultaneously hopeful and pessimistic. They believe the Cubs can win, but have decades of training in losing. They don’t want to believe in curses, but so many weird things have happened. So listen to them, but don’t let them go down the Bartman/Goat rabbit hole too much. Remind them that this is a new year and that Joe Maddon is their manager.
  4. Unless it’s about the game itself, do not tell them anything important during the game. Their minds are focused on trying to think like Joe Maddon. So please just forgive them ahead of time for not remembering what you said.
  5. It’s cool if you just started liking the Cubs. They’re a fun team to follow, and they are “loveable winners.” But if you didn’t experience the gut punch collapse of 2004 (and for some the pain goes even further back) then your experience of Cubs’ watching is a little different. Enjoy the ride and be happy, but be really happy for the fans who have cheered for 20-80 years of futility.
  6. They want to win it all this year. I truly believe the Cubs will win a World Series in the next five years. I know in my head that they will have multiple shots to win a Series, but by heart is tired of waiting.
  7. Want to make them smile? Just play or sing “Go Cubs Go.”
  8. When the Cubs win the World Series, indulge in their joy, and buy them champion gear, because they will want the world to know. If you’ve waited 108 years for something, then it will take at least 108 days of celebration to make up for it.

Whether or not you are a Cubs fan, we all interact with people who have other things on their minds and hearts (most dealing with something more important than sports). So be gracious with one another, mourn with one another, and celebrate with one another.

Aaron Tiger is a minister at First United Methodist Church in Tulsa, a dad, a husband, and a child of God. He is the Editor in Chief of The918.org. When he does sit in the brown recliner, he loves to watch the Cubs, the 49ers, the OSU Cowboys, and the Thunder.

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