Why I Write for the918.org

“Sometimes, life’s best stories are written right in the middle of the mess.”

by Carol Sokolsky

“What would you tell your younger self if you had the opportunity?”

Powerful question, don’t you think? It makes me reflect on who I am now, at my age and in this stage of my life, and look back at a little girl playing hopscotch and kick-the-can with the neighbor kids until dark.

As I ponder that question, I see the little girl. She has no idea of the journey that awaits her. See, I already know that the little girl’s heart will break into a zillion pieces so many times that she’ll wonder if she will ever breathe again.

She will.

The uphill climb to take care of her babies and the feeling of inadequacy to make it happen will require iron and steel-like courage,

She’ll find it.

The elation she will experience because of the blessings she will be handed are almost too much to comprehend.

She will breathe it all in.

I have so much to tell my younger self. So many stories of our life, through struggle and triumph, that she should know. But I’ll save that for another day. Today I share stories with you.

I love to share stories because God has blessed me greatly.  He’s pulled me through the depths of despair. He gave me gritty determination, even when I did not acknowledge God in any way.  And then, yes, God blessed me with delight on so many levels that I cannot even begin to count the ways.

Despair, determination, delight—three English words that conjure a myriad of emotions, don’t they? Think about it. I would suggest that just about everyone could walk down memory lane and put each memory into one of these three buckets. I know I can.

“God has woven me with my past and my circumstances in order to reach people—and share my story—in such a way that no one else can.” (#First5)

Why do I write for the918? Simply because I love people. I love to write. I love Jesus. I love Tulsa. I have a story to tell. And God has an answer for every situation. Many of you have experienced grief and pain, long days and sleepless nights. Many days when you thought you couldn’t push one more day, and sometimes failed miserably. So what do you do?

Christian author Lysa TerKeurst writes, “Let’s not put a period where our life story just needs a little string of dots.”

The918 connects me to people—and them to me.  People who are afraid of their failures or their pain or their fear, just like me.

The918 allows others to realize that someone else is walking alongside them—and gives us the ability to connect, to talk to someone who truly understands.

The918 allows me to share my faith in a way that is non-threatening and genuine, because it’s my story.  No one can discount my story. It’s my story.

The918 allows me to let go, to release emotions that have been held captive in my heart. It’s cleansing for me.

Thank you, the918 reader, for allowing me to share my passion, my grief and pain, my joy, my travels, my family, my faith, my world.  “When life gets hard, don’t turn back. Live your faith loud and proud!” (#First5)

I love what blogger and speaker Michele Cushatt says: “Sometimes, life’s best stories are written right in the middle of the mess.”

And that, my friends, is why I write for the918.

Carol Sokolsky, a contributing writer for the918.org, has written and shared her heart with several personal journeys that #foreverchanged her life. In the fall of 2014, she moved to Tulsa, which had been her “heart home” for many years.  Now enjoying life close to her family, she  continues writing articles on just about everything.   She loves Tulsa…loves life…loves Jesus, and loves sharing her life with the918.org.  

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