8 Ways to be Civically Engaged

by Ashley Philippsen

Tuesday, November 8, brought many in our community joy and relief while others felt disappointment and even fear. I saw calls for unity and for people to think globally but act locally.

While I wholeheartedly agree that being informed and engaged in one’s city is of the utmost importance, I noticed many people were unsure of where to start. As a result, I developed a short list of ways one might begin to engage in the civic space in their local community to work towards change and engaging others.

Because of increased isolation and the polarization between the United States’ political parties, there is an opportunity for believers to display the love of Christ and cling to the understanding that God is not an author of confusion but one of peace.

When reading this list of ways to get engaged, consider the urging that “we not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another” (Hebrews 10:25).

Write a letter to the editor.


Attend City Council meetings.


Find out which issues are coming up in the next legislative session and connect with your elected officials.


Contact your local and state officials. You can download apps that keep you abreast of our local, state, and federal officials.


Check Countable here. Follow Oklahoma legislators here.

Connect with others interested in the same issues.


Examples of non-partisan organizations in Tulsa:

Rally folks to show up for midterm and local elections


Research groups whose ideals/stance mirrors your own, and join or volunteer.


Join or organize community demonstrations or events to raise awareness about your issue.


What do you feel led to do to be a more engaged citizen? What other actions can we take to be involved in our community?

Ashley is the founding director of LEAD North, leading the program’s transition from North Tulsa Development Council (NTDC). Prior to this appointment, Ashley served as Managing Director of Teacher Leadership Development at Teach For America – Oklahoma. She is a member of Tulsa Area United Way’s neXtulsa Executive Non-Profit Executive Leadership Class and the Junior League of Tulsa. Ashley is a certified ZUMBA instructor for YMCA Tulsa and teaches Sunday school at First United Methodist Church. She resides in Tulsa with her husband and son.

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