A Sweet Fragrance

In my newness to this field of work, I often feel at a loss of what to say when a patient brings up their mortality; I’ve been blessed in my life that I haven’t lost anyone who I’m very close to, so this topic is somewhat uncharted territory for me

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by Micah Nagy

A fragrance… a wisp, a breath, a soft breeze bringing a sweet aroma. When I think about a fragrance, it is light, and subtle, yet pleasantly warming to the insides… though barely noticeable at first, it soon spreads a pleasing aura, changing even the feeling in the air.

In 2 Corinthians 2:15, God says, “For we are the aroma of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing, to one a fragrance from death to death, to the other a fragrance from life to life.”

Isn’t it wonderful to think of life as a breath from God? As if God had breathed out a small little puff of air that is you, or me, into the world? Existing solely to fall on those in need of a Savior and give hope when there may seem to be none? God says we are “the aroma” of Christ, “a fragrance”… and here’s where all those words from before come into play! We have been breathed out onto this earth to be the soft breeze of gentleness, the wisp of kindness, the aroma of hope, the aura of peace. Until Christ comes again, we are to be emitting his love and joy and goodness everywhere we go, to everyone we meet, creating an atmosphere so full of God’s presence because we are conduits of His love to all people. There will no doubt be situations we encounter where the air seems void, dead, empty…. but that’s precisely when it is our job to sweep in and breathe out God’s love—to fill the room with warmth and joy and all things of God!

Now, up until this point, we have been talking about “good” fragrances… pleasing, yummy, leaving us wanting more. But what about the ones that make us crinkle up our noses and turn away in disgust? Milk gone bad? Stinky, sweaty shoes? The new puppy had an accident on the carpet? (oh boy…) Not all fragrances in this world we wish to smell again; which is why I certainly hope that I’m not an “aroma” that people don’t want to be around.

I notice that when I am tired or frustrated, the smile on my face and the compassion in my words and actions tends to slip; I find it easier to be stagnant in my bad attitude than to reach out to the God who is endlessly compassionate and fully capable of giving my attitude a complete makeover. And then, who wins? The people around me who are the recipients of my less than caring attitude lose, and I lose the opportunity to share the love of Christ. When I think about it like that, it seems pretty clear who I should be allowing to “renew my mind.” (Romans 12:2)

Another part of this verse that touched me was the phrase, “among those who are perishing… from death to death… from life to life.” I work at a hospital, and though most of the patients I interact with get better, or well enough to leave the hospital in hopes of recovering at home, there are a few who come face to face with the reality of the end of life.

In my newness to this field of work, I often feel at a loss of what to say when a patient brings up their mortality; I’ve been blessed in my life that I haven’t lost anyone who I’m very close to, so this topic is somewhat uncharted territory for me. However, I’m learning that instead of being worried about what I need to say, really the whole reason this person brought it up was so they could talk about it. To just know that somebody is listening. So, I take on the role as listener, and comforter, when needed.

Someone who cares enough to hear what they have to say, empathize, and just be there with them.

A fragrance.

Very subtle, simply there, surrounding them… communicating a caring heart, giving a comforting squeeze on the shoulder or a sincere smile. Acknowledging reality, yet expressing hope in the midst of what may feel like a storm. Because with Christ, there is eternal hope, and eternal life to enter into. “From life to life…”

Still, in the back of my head, I find myself thinking… does this person know Christ? Do they have an eternal hope? I know the answer is not always yes. And that is so hard for my heart to understand… it makes me so sad, and left feeling burdened when I think about its implications.

And so I pray, I pray that He uses me in each situation, however that person may need. I know He is sovereign, I know His will be done, and I know that God will use me as His “aroma of Christ,” if I will only let Him. I also know God is still teaching me to be bold in my faith, because I’m not always brave enough to speak up when I feel an urge to. I’m scared sometimes because of the situation, being at work, wondering if it is “crossing a line”… all of those excuses. Ultimately, it is the difference between “death to death” and “life to life,” which is far greater than any fear I may feel in the moment; and this, I need God’s strength to overcome.

I want to be a pleasing, God-filled fragrance in people’s lives when their time is coming to an end on earth. Filling a room with a joyful attitude that finds hope in every day, all because of Jesus. I know it truly only stems from the Holy Spirit in me, and I thank God that He allows us to be His hands, His feet, and His sweet, sweet aroma in all stages of life.

Micah Nagy grew up in Broken Arrow and is newly married, new to her job as a registered nurse, and new to the918.org! She is passionate about Jesus, serving others, and writing, and hopes to write more freely now that she is done with college(!) She loves coffee, anything outdoors, baking desserts, yoga, and spending time with her hubby.

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