9-18 Character Traits of a Very Special, Kind and Purposeful Man—My Dad

My Dad… a gift… now I can unwrap his life and look back with a different set of eyes. Dad, I will love you longer than forever…

by Carol Sokolsky

  1. Purpose: He did nothing without purpose he calculated everything.
  2. Stubborn: Yes, extremely. No wonder we argued constantly!
  3. Godly: Loved Jesus and told everyone he did.
  4. Strong work ethic: Built a strong business; never stopped working.
  5. Never slept: He slept maybe five hours a night, then up at 4:30a.m., working.
  6. Goofy: Laughed all the time, except when he was being stubborn!
  7. Bad heart: His heart was damaged from sickness as a child; enlarged, worked poorly.
  8. Talented: Best carpet layer in the tri-state area! He knew his trade well.
  9. Salesman: He could sell a house of carpet to someone coming in to buy only a room.
  10. Taught us well: Never stopped teaching, regardless of the situation. I was typing by age six.
  11. Black/White: There was no gray areano wiggle room at all. 
  12. Ate well: Health food in our house before it was in vogue. 
  13. Love: Rarely said, I love you, but loved beyond words.
  14. No Horse Play: Be responsible with your actions there are consequences.
  15. Gone too soon: We lost Dad at age 61; his heart could not heal. Hes now healed forever.

As I thought about my Dad today, I realized that so many of his qualities that irked me as a kid, now are the ones that I hold most dear. Think about someone you loveor have lostand do a little word play. Keep it simple as it brings clarity.

My Dad truly lived his faith. His heart was giving out. It was working at less than 10%, so the outcome of his open heart surgery was not good. I remember as he waited for his 9 1/2 hour open heart surgery to begin, his words hit me like a truck: If I come through the surgery, I have your Mom and you girls. If I dont, Ill see Jeff before you do. 

My Dad It was well with his soul. Hes been dancing with Jesus now for almost 32 years, which makes me smile because his stoic upbringing scorned at dancing! He and I discussed that subject way too often, but now he knows why I fought him all the time!

My Dad a gift now I can unwrap his life and look back with a different set of eyes. Dad, I will love you longer than forever

Carol Sokolsky is a regular contributor to the918, and sometimes wonders who is reading her words.  Shed love to hear from you, especially with ideas and suggestions.  She can be reached on Facebook:  Carol Sprunger Sokolsky or at carol.sokolsky@gmail.com.

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