Assigning Purpose to My Time

What does that mean?” “It means that you’re not just to watch and wait passively to see what your days will bring. You’re to prepare them.”

by Mel Whittington

Good morning!
I have been pondering, again.

It is likely that you’ve studied biology or discovered that “your life came from preexisting life,” aka, your parents. This ultimately begs the question, where did life first originate? Before I continue, please know that this is not a message about creation theories. I just want you to consider your own life—not its origin.

I have settled my thinking about the beginning of life. My thinking is, “Life comes from God.” But, out of a lifetime of studying life, I have concluded there are members of the human race—even Christians—who have not clearly assessed their purpose in life. How do I know that? Actually, I don’t. It’s my conclusion based on many observations of how people manage the days of their life.

There’s a song found in the Bible, with these lyrics within it: You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.” Psalms 139:16 (NLT)

Here’s some of my thinking about these words. First, what does it tell me?

Life is a Gift from God.
God knows me before I am born.
He already has a record of every day my life
-before any one of them had passed.

If life is a Gift from GOD, it makes sense to me that HE must have a reason my life. If I have a reason for living, then it must mean that I HAVE A PURPOSE for my life.

If I have a purpose, it makes more sense that I should look at each day as a day of preparation to live out my life’s purpose.

It’s my life. (Every one of my days has been numbered.) And, I accept that I am responsible for my life—how I live it. I am responsible for my own choices. God has appointed or purposed my days, yet I am responsible for how I live them. If I treasure this life gifted to me, then it follows that I should “prepare” for each day to further this purpose. “What does that mean?” “It means that you’re not just to watch and wait passively to see what your days will bring. You’re to prepare them.”

“How can I prepare my days before they happen?” Well, how did the first days happen in the beginning? They didn’t “just happen.” Before they existed, God prepared them. He appointed them. He purposed them. So if you’re a child of God, you must do likewise. “How?” “Prayer.” “Yes, praying for days that don’t yet exist.” “Prayer isn’t only for what is, but for what is not yet.” “But I can’t determine what will happen.” “It doesn’t matter what happens. You appoint your days in God to bring what is good. You consecrate them for the purposes of God. And then you use your days to accomplish those purposes. Don’t let your days determine your life. Let your life determine your days. And don’t just let your days go by. Prepare them that they might become vessels of blessings for the “MOST HIGH.”

Parts of these thoughts include excerpts from: Cahn, Jonathan. Book of Mysteries. S.l.: Charisma House, 2016. Print.

Dr. Whittington is recognized as one of the 500 best therapists in the United States. Dr. Whittington focuses on getting to the “root” problems rather than treating symptoms. This includes most clinical disorders and victims of ritualistic and cultic abuse. He empowers people to find “Freedom From The Past” and the “stinkin’ thinking” derived from it.

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