Here at the918, we are constantly amazed how different people can see the exact same thing in drastically differently ways.

Here at the918, we are constantly amazed how different people can see the exact same thing in drastically differently ways. While at times the differing perspectives can be frustrating, more often someone’s perspective is a gift to us that enables us to see something in a new way.

“My View of the 918,” our new handle on Instagram is our effort to provide various perspectives from the Tulsa area. Each week, we will hand off our Instagram account to someone who lives in the Tulsa area, and they will share their view of our great community. Our goal is to show you Tulsa from new angles. Maybe it will be someone serving on the front lines of one of our local social service agencies. Maybe it will be a look at high school life from one of our students. Maybe it will be someone who works at the top of the Williams tower and the view they see every day. Who knows, maybe we’ll even get to see what’s going on behind the fence at “A Gathering Place for Tulsa.”

At the beginning of each week, we will publish a brief retrospective from the previous week and introduce you to your Tulsa tour guide of the week. This week our tour guide is Aaron Leatherbarrow. He grew up all along the east coast, lives with his wife and 3 girls, loves bird watching, playing Pokemon, writing musicals, collecting way too many comic books, listening to Joy Division on Vinyl, and drinks out of a White Castle Coffee Mug. He pastors kids, teaches them to paint, sculpt, whittle, or anything that helps grow creative thinking. He is a writer for, and he has written about Walking and the Pokemon Community.

Want to be one of our tour guides? Email Heather and let her know that you are interested. Let her know the weeks you’ll be doing something unique in Tulsa, and we’ll try to get you scheduled.

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