What we’re reading…10/02/15

Each Friday, we post “What we’re reading.” Essentially, it is a list of posts that we wish we had written or we feel add to the overall conversation about Tulsa, Life, and Faith. If you have an article that you want us to consider, email our lead contributor, Aaron Tiger (aarontiger@fumctulsa.org).


Tulsa Kids just published a great article with things to do this fall in Tulsa.

Of course we’ll have to wait to see how the Williams merger will play out, but we have to think it will ultimately create some losses for Tulsa. Pray for all those who work at Williams.


How many of these habits do you practice?

How do we teach each other gratitude? Check out what this Dad thinks.

We’ve got a few die-hard Cubs fans in our pool of contributors who are always talking about next season. Maybe next season is finally here?


We really appreciate this article titled, 7 Things There Will Never Be Enough Time For… unless you prioritize them.

Here’s a beautiful story about foster-to-adopt. There is such a need in Oklahoma, and hopefully stories like this will encourage others to help.

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