What We’re Reading…04/08/16

“What We’re Reading” is where we share articles and posts that have impacted our contributors in one way or another.  If you’ve read a great article that is worth sharing, send it over to Aaron.


Big news at First Methodist Church of Tulsa as Dr. Wade Paschal announces his retirement and Rev. Jessica Moffatt is appointed to become the new Senior Pastor.

Here’s a cool story about the model for the Golden Driller, who is now 79 years old and a great-grandfather.

One of the best family activities during the summer in Tulsa is attending a Drillers baseball game. Here is the list of this season’s promotions.


This Ted Talk on facing and overcoming our biases is really, really good.

How do you handle rejection? Why is rejection important for success? This short article has some answers.


This list of Christian email sign-offs is top notch.

“We need to shift the justice paradigm we usually use to inspire our response from the model of the Good Samaritan to the model of the Exodus.” This article on why human trafficking is not the problem, but a symptom of larger brokenness is insightful.

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