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Cool photo gallery put together by the Tulsa World of People Who Helped Put Tulsa on the Map.

Tulsa People’s Annual A-List Readers’ Choice Awards were unveiled recently. Here is the list.


The Orlando Massacre is a tragedy on so many levels. First and foremost, 49 people will not go home to their loved ones. They will not get to laugh or sing anymore in this life. Numerous family member and friends will never interact with them again. Tragedy strikes.

Additionally, this has been painful for multiple minority groups particularly the lgbt community. They were targeted in this attack, and the lgbt community all across America feels this personally. The church should stand up for minority communities that are feeling threatened, and the lgbt community is threatened. No matter where you stand on same-sex marriage, we should stand with this community in their grief and stand with them on this truth that “nothing will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus.” (Romans 8:39)

This has also caused political division as it relates to radical Islamic terrorism, gun control, and more. This only heightens our division as a country, and we must seek common ground, which should include our mutual safety from extreme acts of hatred and terror. We must move towards each other instead of moving away from each other. The question that I am asking myself is this, “What steps am I taking to move towards someone who sees things differently than I do?”

We have read some various different perspectives on what Christians should and shouldn’t do as it relates to Orlando. It is important for us to hear a variety of perspectives if we are going to find ways to take steps towards each other.

5 Dumb Things Christians Must Stop Saying When Evil Strikes

What Christians Must Do in the Wake of Orlando. 

Christians, It is Not Bigotry to Proclaim Our Faith.

Now, for something entirely different.  15 Time Habits of the Most Productive Entrepreneurs


This day-in-the-life of a Syrian Refugee Mom is heartbreaking.

Father’s Day is coming up, and I thought this post on “How to Pray for your Dad on Father’s Day”“How to Pray for your Dad on Father’s Day” is really helpful.

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