Notice the Flowers (Matthew 6:28)

Look at these flowers and have faith! God is your provision as well.

by Terry White

The greatest beauty in Guatemala is the children. And for the many of us at FUMC Tulsa who have traveled to Antigua, we find uniqueness and beauty everywhere we look. The teachers are amazing. The ancient ruins are fascinating. The city nestled in the heart of three volcanoes enthralls us with spectacular views as we and the sun change positions during every hour of the day. But we also take notice of the sparkling, colorful flowers of Guatemala.

In the third chapter of 1st Kings, Solomon asks God for wisdom and a discerning heart to administer justice. God was pleased and gave Solomon his request plus great wealth and long life as well. Over abundance like none other before or after him was poured into Solomon’s life.

In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus instructs us to notice the flowers! He tells us that the flowers do not have to work and labor and yet God Himself provides for them. “I tell you that even Solomon in all his splendor was not dressed like one of these.”

Look at these flowers and have faith! God is your provision as well. Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and discover the truth that all your needs will be provided by your loving Father.

3m-familyTerry White, FUMC member since January 1976. Terry’s dad was an Oklahoma Conference Methodist minister for over 40 years and Terry’s son, Peter White, grew up at FUMC and served here as college minister until recently. Terry and his wife, Jeanne, went on the first FUMC VIM team back in the early 1980’s to Jamaica. They served as hosts for six months of FUMC VIM’s to Rancho 3-M in 1984. Terry has gone on to participate in over 50 VIM and Youth Missions since then. Terry co-wrote 4 children’s musicals with Donald Ryan during the 1990’s that were produced by the FUMC children’s choirs. He is retired from UPS and is an avid photographer having seven grandkids on whom to practice. His daughter Sarah is one of FUMC’s Faith Promise partners.

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